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About Japan Karate Association


Japan Karate Association is a corporation under the Ministry of Education in Japan.  It was established in March 20, 1950 by Master Funakoshi Gichin as a NIHON KARATE KYOKAI OR JAPAN KARATE ASSOCIATION when translated in English.

The Association was made a corporation by the Ministry of Education of Japan on April 10, 1958 and got the title of SHADANHOUJIN - NIHON KARATE KYOKAI. Using a professional outlook towards the propagation of the art of Karate-do, the JKA started an Instructors course programme which produced some of the best known names in the Karate world.

With these qualified instructors of the JKA spreading to the other continents, the JKA soon spread world-wide. Most of the larger Shotokan Ryu Organizations in the world today are run by Instructors who are graduates of the Instructor's Programme of the JKA. The JKA has branches in more than a 100 countries around the globe and these branches together constitute the JKA World Federation. The Branch in India is a member of the Japan Karate Association World Federation.

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JKAI Telangana Head Quarters

JKAI TELANGANA HIROTO DOJO KARATE ACADEMY incorporated as a non profitable organization and established for the overall promotion and development of Karate Sport in Telangana, India. The overall aim of JKAI Telangana is to popularize this tremendous JKA amongst youth and growing children by conducting training sessions, self defence camps, tournaments etc. India is one of the major country in the world in Karate where millions of people are learning and practicing the art of Karate. JKAI Telangana aim is to produce World champions players.

We are the only First in india newly built with authentical traditional Japanese design in 3000 square feet space with high roof, perfect suitable for all the beginners and professional training.

This includes a mirror wall, commercial fans and lights, 25mm sports soft foam full cushioned rubber mats flooring with a special entrance, two sides of walls are closed and two side have an amazing view with peaceful fresh air and no direct Sun light aesthetically built and designed with Additionally  and Most importantly ample parking is available



Increases Strength with Self confidence

Award World Recognized JKAI Certification

Improved concentration for better work and study habits

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