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We strongly believes that one of the key elements of the progress lies in maintaining a globally-respected workforce of coaches. As a result of the our effort to ensure our team with phenomenal award winning martial artists and certificate holders

We’re proud to say our chief Instructor is not only great martial artists but great person as well.

Our Team


Technical Director - Japan Karate Association (JKA) of India


Exceptionally skilled Martial Arts Instructor JKA "Fifth DAN", Shotokan with ‘Seventh Degree Dan’ rank in KAI. Possess vast knowledge and exposure in karate. Highly skilled with both individual and group instructions. Specialized self-defense training for men and women. Fully trained by a documented master and have membership in the principal governing bodies of the sport. Possess great instruction abilities for people at all ages and skill levels.

Professional & Acumen Summation                                                              

Chief organizer of 34th event of JKAI National Karate Championship, Gachibowli Stadium Hyderabad – 2017

Chief organizer of 36th event of JKAI National Karate Championship, Gachibowli Stadium Hyderabad – 2019

  • Honed and an ‘International Instructor License Holder’ & JKA Instructor, Examiner and Judge

  • Authorized examiner for grading belt test practical exams

  • Conduct free classes for black belts and for financially weaker students

  • Possess a ‘Never give up’ attitude; ensure each and every student attains Black Belt despite any odds

  • Bestowed with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at National and State level

  • Core Qualifications                                         

  • Well-practiced in all Kumetes, katas, punches, kicks, blocks, strikes and nun chucks

  • Phenomenal 38 years of experience of training in martial arts karate 

  • Qualified Instructor affiliated to Japan Karate Association (JKA) ,Karate Association of India (KAI), World Karate Federation (WKF), International Shotokan Karate Association (ISKA)

  • Exceptional understanding of avoidance techniques

  • Clear ability to instruct others

  • Understands the difference between teaching children and teaching adults

  • Special interest in children’s’ and  women’s’ self defense

Summary of Skills       

1.    Taught a mid-sized women’s self-defense class comprised primarily of female domestic violence victims
2.    Can instruct group and individual children’s and adult’s classes
3.    Conduct weekly group sessions for students to practice with one another
4.    Provide philosophical instruction to students concerning martial arts theory and thought
5.    Provide one-on-one lessons for serious students
6.    Emphasized the importance of safety for self and others while practicing
7.    Managed instructor helpers and taught classes of all ages and experience levels
8.    Focused on karate as a self-defense method

Youth Development Experience

  • Provided instruction for students at all levels beginner to advanced

  • Adjusted teaching style dependent on age and skill level

  • Helped students learn fight avoidance techniques

  • Scored students and tested them for belts

  • Adapted teaching approaches and special strategies to meet each student's needs

  • Helped students acquire discipline and focus, and attain various degrees and belts

  • Taught students when and how to use self-defense appropriately

  • Implemented different techniques that will allow students to express themselves through art of karate

  • Monitored students’ self-confidence, behavior and progress through-out the program

  • Prepared students physically and mentally for upcoming tournaments and showcases

  • Designed workouts and activities that allowed the students to work as a team

  • Organizing short term crash courses and workshops in well-known schools and Software companies in HYD 

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